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Comprehensive Nutrition for the Little Ones

At Breedna, we understand that the growth and development of your puppy is paramount. Therefore, our range of dog food for puppies is specially formulated to meet all their nutritional needs.

Each bag of feed is packed with natural ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring a balanced diet. In addition, the fresh fish that we incorporate provides essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 , essential for brain development and the health of your puppy's coat.

Our puppy food not only focuses on muscle and bone growth, but also digestive health. The included prebiotics and fiber support healthy digestion, while plant extracts provide natural antioxidants.

This unique combination makes our food ideal for small dogs , providing everything necessary for healthy and vigorous growth.

Quality and Care in Every Bite

We firmly believe that the quality of food is reflected in the overall health of dogs.

That's why, at Breedna, we are committed to offering only puppy food made with the best ingredients.

The inclusion of minerals such as magnesium and iron ensures bone strengthening and optimal muscle development. In addition, the L-carnitine present in our food helps maintain a healthy weight and promotes your puppy's energy and vitality.

By choosing our food for small dogs , you are not only choosing a tasty food, but also a product that contributes to the overall well-being of your pet.

Our recipes, formulated by canine nutrition experts , guarantee a complete and balanced diet, perfect for your puppy's growth and happiness.

Choosing Breedna is Choosing Health

At Breedna, we know that your puppy is more than a pet; He is a member of your family. Therefore, each product we develop aims to improve your quality of life.

Breedna small dog food is more than just food: it's an investment in the health and well-being of your companion.

By trusting our brand, you ensure that your puppy receives all the nutrients necessary for optimal development.

Frequently Asked Questions about Puppies

What is the best food for a puppy?

The best food for a puppy dog ​​should be:

  1. Complete and Balanced : With all the essential nutrients in adequate proportions.
  2. High Quality : Made with fresh, quality ingredients, without fillers or artificial additives.
  3. Specific for Puppies : Formulated to meet their growth and development needs.
  4. Easy to Digest : Appropriate for puppies' sensitive digestive systems.
  5. Suitable for Size and Breed : Particularly formulated for the needs of different sizes and breeds.
  6. Accepted by the Puppy : Aligned with their preferences and without causing intolerances or allergies.
How do I know if the food is suitable for the breed and size of my puppy?

Choosing the correct food for your puppy based on its breed and size is crucial for its development and health.

Small, medium and large breeds have different nutritional needs. For example, small dogs may require a feed with a smaller kibble shape and size, making chewing and digestion easier.

On the other hand, larger dogs may need a feed with a specific balance of calcium and phosphorus to support proper bone growth and prevent joint problems in the future.

To make sure you are choosing the right dog food, check the product label, which specifies which size or breed of puppy it is most suitable for . If you have questions, consulting your veterinarian is always a good option.

Can I mix the feed with other foods, such as wet or homemade food?

Yes, you can mix puppy food with wet food or homemade preparations, as long as the latter are suitable for dogs and nutritionally balanced.

This combination can be beneficial, as wet or homemade food can make food more palatable and varied for your puppy.

However, it is important to maintain a nutritional balance. Make sure the combined diet does not provide excess or deficiency calories, proteins or nutrients.

Also, when introducing new foods, do it gradually to avoid digestive disorders. If you decide to prepare homemade food, consult with your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist to ensure the diet is complete and balanced .

When should I switch from puppy food to adult dog food?

Changing from puppy food to adult dog food should be done depending on the breed and size of the dog.

Generally, small and medium breed puppies can begin to switch to adult food around 12 months , while large breed puppies may need to continue on their puppy food until 18-24 months due to their growth period. longer.

This change should be made gradually over a period of 7 to 10 days , mixing both foods and progressively increasing the amount of feed for adults, to avoid digestive problems.

Observe your pet during this process and adjust as necessary .

For a more specific recommendation based on your puppy's individual characteristics, it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian.

What they say about us

Thanks to Breedna's Premium products my dog ​​is eating correctly. We adopted him a year ago and he only ate whimsically. Now he loves the Premium salmon and the lamb so we alternate them. Our dog is happy and we are even more so. In addition to a very good quality of food, the service is fabulous

Richard L.

Professionalism and speed. The order was excellent and with great advice on food. I train with my dog ​​and in season she needs an extra supply of proteins and other nutrients. At Breedna they have advised me on the best calorie intake to prevent losing weight. Great professionals. And great I think!!

María H.

Commitment to the Health of your Pet

With Breedna, you choose quality, trust and, above all, love for your puppy. We invite our customers to explore our range and discover how our food can make a difference in the lives of their puppies.