How many dogs are there in Spain in 2024?

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In recent years, the presence of pets in Spanish homes has grown significantly, becoming important members of our families. Today, we dive into some fascinating facts about pets in Spain.

How many dogs are there in Spain?

The love for dogs in Spain is undeniable, with a dog population that does not stop growing. According to the most recent data, there are approximately 9.3 million dogs nationwide. This number varies considerably depending on the province. For example, in Asturias, there is a high density of dogs compared to other regions. Aragon and Castilla y León also stand out for their large number of canines. This distribution reflects the differences in the culture and lifestyle of each region, where in some rural areas, dogs are essential daily companions.

How many cats are there in Spain?

Cats also have a special place in Spanish homes. According to Statista, the cat population in Spain is considerably high, although lower than that of dogs. In 2024, it is estimated that there will be approximately 3.8 million cats in the country. Known for their independence and character, these felines have become the perfect choice for many homes, especially in urban areas where space may be limited.

The comparison with other European countries shows us that Spain has a significant feline population, although still far from countries like Russia.

how many cats are there in spain

Number of Pets in Spain: 49% of households in Spain have pets in 2024

Pets are an integral part of life in many Spanish homes. In fact, in 2024, it is estimated that 49% of households in Spain will have at least one pet. This data reflects the affection and importance that Spanish families give to their pets, considering that almost 1 in 2 homes in Spain have a pet.

From dogs and cats to birds and fish, pets bring joy and companionship, improving the quality of life for many people. The growing popularity of pets has also boosted the industry of related products and services, which increasingly offer more options for their care and well-being.

Within pet food, the most popular continues to be dry food

Feeding pets is a crucial aspect of their well-being, and in Spain, dry food continues to be the preferred option for most owners. Representing 80% of the pet food market, dry food is valued for its convenience, balanced nutrition and long shelf life. Additionally, there are a wide variety of options available, tailored to the specific needs of different breeds, ages, and health conditions.

This type of food not only makes life easier for owners, but also ensures that pets receive essential nutrients to stay healthy and happy. At Breedna we offer different dog food and cat food, also including wet food for dogs.

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