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Dog Food

At Breedna, we understand the importance of providing your loyal companions with a balanced, high-quality diet .

Our "Standard" food line has been designed with the specific needs of dogs in mind, offering complete and balanced nutrition to satisfy their different activity levels .

Immerse yourself in the world of Breedna and discover how our food becomes the perfect choice for the well-being of your pets.

pienso perros breedna

Our Standard Products

Within our "Standard" food category, we highlight three distinctive products , each one adapted to the different activity levels of your pet:

ENERGY : High physical activity . Formula enriched with proteins and essential nutrients for a boost of energy.

ACTIVITY : Average physical activity . Selected ingredients to maintain the vitality and health of your pet.

BASIC : Low physical activity . Nutrition adapted to meet the needs of less active dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Standard Feed

How do I know what type of food is suitable for my pet?

The choice of feed will depend on your pet's level of physical activity .

Our range includes options such as " ENERGY " for active dogs, " ACTIVITY " for moderate levels, and " BASIC " for those with lower activity.

Evaluate your dog's energy level and specific needs to make the right decision.

When should I switch from one feed to another?

If you notice a change in your pet's physical activity , consider adjusting his diet.

For example, if your dog was active and now becomes calmer, you could change from "ENERGY" to "ACTIVITY."

We always recommend making changes gradually and consulting with your veterinarian to avoid digestive problems.

How much feed should I give my pet daily?

The recommended amount of feed varies depending on the type of feed and the weight of your pet.

See our feeding guidelines on the product packaging or on our website. Adjust the amount based on your pet's individual needs and monitor their weight and physical condition.

What is the difference between Breedna feed and other brands on the market?

Breedna is committed to offering high quality feed with carefully selected ingredients.

Our "Standard" range of feed is distinguished by adapting to different activity levels and containing essential ingredients for the health and well-being of your pet.

What they say about us

Thanks to Breedna's Premium products my dog ​​is eating correctly. We adopted him a year ago and he only ate whimsically. Now he loves the Premium salmon and the lamb so we alternate them. Our dog is happy and we are even more so. In addition to a very good quality of food, the service is fabulous

Richard L.

Professionalism and speed. The order was excellent and with great advice on food. I train with my dog ​​and in season she needs an extra supply of proteins and other nutrients. At Breedna they have advised me on the best calorie intake to prevent losing weight. Great professionals. And great I think!!

María H.

Energy Infused into Every Bite

Our "Standard" feed stands out for its excellence in canine and feline nutrition. Created with quality ingredients, each product in our range is a careful fusion of cereals, meats and animal by-products, oils and fats, plant-based by-products and mineral substances. We guarantee that every bite provides the essential nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy and active.