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The biggest contest in our history is here!

by Luis Ignacio Gonzalez Andue 15 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Do you want to win 6 months of Breedna Premium or Super Premium products totally free?


Take an original photo of your pet

Send us the photo by MD to our instagram @breednapetfood before Thursday, March 15. It's that easy!

From Breedna we will collect all the images received by MD and we will publish them once the submission period is over on our networks so that all the followers of Breedna can decide the winning photo. The voting process will be done in a qualifying way, we will upload the images to Instagram stories and the most voted will go to the next phase. And so on until only one winning image remains!

*By participating by sending an image by direct message, you accept the legal bases of the contest:

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