Breedna destaca en la Exposición de Productos de Importación de Yiwu en China

Breedna Stands Out at Yiwu China Import Products Expo

Breedna Stands Out at Yiwu China Import Products Expo

In an impressive display of innovation and quality, Breedna is attending the Yiwu Import Products Exhibition in China from today until next Wednesday, November 15.

With a wide range of products, Breedna has wowed attendees with its avant-garde approach to the production and presentation of its products. The brand has demonstrated its quality and commitment to excellence in each product exhibited at its stand D1-C24.

Breedna has presented its latest launches, including 3 new products from the cat range and 3 products from its dog range, which have captured the attention of both buyers and competitors. The combination of high quality ingredients, the design of its new image and years of experience have consolidated Breedna's reputation in the animal feed sector.

Breedna CEO Luis González expressed his enthusiasm for participating in this highly relevant event: "The Yiwu Import Products Exhibition is a unique platform to present our latest creations to the world. We are committed to quality and excellence, and this event gives us the opportunity to share our commitment with a global audience."

This exhibition displays more than 100,000 products from all over the world and is attended by 500,000 visitors from all over China. In addition to showcasing high-end products, Breedna has actively participated in networking sessions and established strategic connections with potential distributors and partners. This proactive approach in expanding its business network demonstrates the brand's long-term vision and its determination to reach new markets.

The Yiwu Import Products Expo has witnessed Breedna's significant impact on the international scene, consolidating its position as an experienced, honest brand with great potential. With products that combine quality ingredients, sustainability and design, Breedna is paving the way for an exciting future in the world of pet food.

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