From the innate connection with animals to Animal Assisted Interventions

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Human beings have always had a great connection with the animal world .

This connection is so deep and rooted that it can be considered innate. Whether for the simple act of admiring the beauty and diversity of wildlife or the desire to better understand our own existence through the observation and study of other species, animals have been an integral part of our lives since immemorial times.

Animal Assisted Therapy

The relationship between humans and animals has taken various forms throughout history.

In the early days of our existence, animals were essential to our survival and in some cases, they were considered sacred and worshiped as gods .

But this relationship is not limited to survival and worship.

Animals have also played an important role in our emotional and psychological lives .

It has been shown that interacting with animals can have a positive impact on our mental and emotional well-being . In fact, many studies have shown that living with animals can reduce stress, anxiety and depression .

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Interventions

This innate interest in animals and their impact on our mental and physical health, among others, has led to the development of Animal Assisted Interventions (AIA).

IAA are a set of interventions (therapy, education and leisure) that involve interaction with animals to improve the mental and emotional well-being of people.

Biak Bat dog with a child
Biak Bat dog with a girl
Biak Bat dog with children

Being a type of intervention that is increasingly in demand by people with various needs (from childhood with autism to young people in social exclusion or institutionalized older people), as well as by professionals, since for them it also has many benefits and advantages.

At Biak Bat we began our journey in this field 15 years ago and currently we serve people of all ages and it is from this innate interest and the bond with the animal that facilitates our work as professionals in psychology and The education.

The animal, which is previously selected and trained to carry out this type of intervention, is the bridge that is established between the person and the professional.

In this way, through the different activities we carry out, such as those involved in caring for animals (brushing, check-ups, feeding , etc.), for example, they can help people develop care and empathy skills, in addition to reinforcing their self-esteem and self-confidence .

Final conclusion

In short, in Dog Assisted Therapy there is a connection between humans and animals that is very significant and beneficial for our mental and emotional health and, with the help of professionals specialized in the field, it can be a great support in working with people in various situations. situations of vulnerability.

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Biak Bat workshop with children

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