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V Trophy of mushing Villa de Ólvega, 13 and 14 October 2018.

V Trophy of mushing Villa de Ólvega, 13 and 14 October 2018.

We can't begin to tell the story of the weekend without thanking Jorge García, Fco. Javier García and other volunteers for the extraordinary organization. Ólvega is an ideal place to practice mushing! And we also have to mention the sportsmanship and human quality of our rivals!

Roberto with Adrie and Mey were among the most outstanding athletes in the country and took 3rd place in 1500m.

Helena and Max in their debut, got a 2nd place in their category. Mikel enjoyed the success of Max who was convalescing. Cheer up Mikel and congratulations for your success!

Ismael and Sultan had a great race on Sunday. Sultan likes the cold and is very focused.

Txema and Teresa made their debut with the team and they did a great job and are looking forward to continue fighting.

David and Noma took first place in their category, in 1500m and long canicross. Noma never disappoints! Thanks Nuria for always being there!

Thanks to the hosts, Txema, Teresa, Ismael and Arantxa for taking such good care of their companions!

And we can not say goodbye without telling you how proud we are of our furry ones. Every day they surprise us and above all every day we see them enjoying more, which is the most important thing for us!

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