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Mushing Tierra de Dinosaurios in Salas de los Infantes, Burgos, 23.02.2020

Mushing Tierra de Dinosaurios in Salas de los Infantes, Burgos, 23.02.2020

The Breedna team, as always, had a great time, worked hard and made us very proud of all of them, not only for their rankings but also for their human value.

David and Noma, second veterans and second in Copa España. Noma is exemplary, he leaves his soul to help.

Sarah and Kross second senior and in their first year of Copa España third absolute. Very happy, with a lot of room for improvement and willing to continue learning and fighting. Very good race of Kross who shows that she has learned a lot.

Teresa and Arien have a great race. Few mistakes, Arien more and more concentrated and Teresa is following him better and better. Objective reached and very happy with the progress. 6th place very well deserved.

Txema y Gaga hicieron una buena carrera finalizando con buenas sensaciones. Primer año de Copa, en mitad de la tabla, muy orgullosos.

Arantxa and Koke have also enjoyed their first year in Copa. Motivated Koke does things very well and both are eager to continue fighting. Couple that continues to add!

Felipe and Txispi as always great. They enjoyed the course, the scenery and their companions.

Rober and Mey did a very good race. This couple has a very good rapport and for them also the first year of the Spanish Cup.

Team, congratulations!

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