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Etxarri Aranaz Txakurkrosa, ETL, Sunday 22 December 2019

Etxarri Aranaz Txakurkrosa, ETL, Sunday 22 December 2019

The Breedna MUSHING team had a great time on Sunday in Etxarri Aranaz doing what they love the most: enjoying friends and dogs ... taking the word team to another dimension????.

Spectacular race for Mey who worked and enjoyed from start to finish together with David, who helped him to place 1st veteran and 2nd best time overall.

Very good race for Kross who learned to be more focused on overtaking, and very good training in mud and beautiful scenery. Sarah is very proud to see how her teammate is improving and of course her 1st position in senior female.

Arien-Nur&Teresa made a great race teaming up with Gaga and Txema. The little one of the team is taking firm steps and improving day by day. Very good race to learn and continue in the ascending line!

The Etxarri course is magical for Koke, he didn't fail and he did a great race from start to finish: explosive start, pushing hard on the climbs, not a single mistake, not a bad gesture ... Koke and Arantxa's brutal work. Very nice way to celebrate Arantxa's birthday! Congratulations!

Congratulations team, it's always good to see you!

1David en salida 2Txema y Teresa en salida 3Teresa en carrera-salida 4Sara en carrera 5Teresa en carrera 6Arantza en carrera 7David en carrera9Arantxa en carrera 10posado Sarah y David 11Podio Teresa 12Podio David 13Posado equipo 14Posado David almorzando15brindis Teresa Arantxa



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