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La Grande Odyssée – January 2021

La Grande Odyssée – January 2021

Despite the fact that this season training in snow has been complicated by the sanitary measures of each country, our musher Iker Ozkoidi has managed to participate in this event.

Due to administrative problems with the dogs, he was unable to do the whole race, but he took part in the last stages, and as expected, he didn't disappoint anyone!

What a team Iker and his dogs! Impressive.

Congratulations Iker and family !!!!!!

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139720612_4180508215297166_2373194419464469859_oIker en carrera 3 iker en Carrerasalida Iker 2 salida Iker 3Iker en carrera 1Salida Iker Iker en carrera 2



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